Mark Wahlberg
Planet of the Mark


Born Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg on June 5, 1971, he is the youngest of nine children. Growing up on the streets of Dorchester, Massachusetts was difficult enough without having to share a three-bedroom apartment with ten other family members. This disruptive and crowded environment only urged Mark to seek solace on the streets and run into trouble. He proved at an early age to be quite a handful.

When Mark and his brother Donnie were just barely hitting puberty, Maurice Starr, the famous music entrepreneur that created New Edition, had the idea of creating yet another super-group consisting of all white inner city teens. Mark and Donnie were immediately cast as potential hopefuls. While Donnie embarked on an unbelievably affluent music career, Mark turned down the offer and remained committed to the streets of Boston. Incidentally, upon Mark's resignation, Maurice recruited Joey McIntyre thus completing the supergroup known as The New Kids On The Block.

With absent parents hard at work and an older brother constantly on tour, the streets became Mark's playground. He developed a habit of skipping school until finally dropping out. Now, it was official, and he could dedicate all the time in the world to hustling. Mark sold drugs, stole cars and even spent time in jail for assault. Upon his release from jail, Donnie took time off his schedule with NKOTB to rehabilitate and reestablish his younger brother as the talented and dedicated entertainer he knew Mark could be. Donnie helped record and produce Mark's up-and-coming hip-hop ensemble cleverly named Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. To everyone's surprise, the group was an instant success. Hits like "Good Vibrations," and "Wildside" helped catapult The Bunch to platinum status.

After achieving worldwide notoriety as a rapper with a tendency for dropping his britches, Calvin Klein approached the young heartthrob with a modeling contract celebrating the lean physique Mark developed while serving some time in prison.

In 1993 Mark grew tired of strictly rapping and stripping down to his skivvies. It was time to focus on the silver screen. By 1995, the aspiring actor had starred in three films. His acting speaks for itself. Nearly fifteen years later, Mark has starred in over a dozen films, many of which were blockbusters. He is currently working on four new films slated for release between 2005 and 2006, and the future couldn't look any brighter.